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It’s official – I have no life

Someone I know through blogging recently commented that if my blogs are to be believed, I have a lot going on in my life. Flabbergasted that I was, I went and checked the first page of my blog to find out the sad state of my life.

The first page of my blog has about 14 posts. All it tells anyone about me is that I read lots of newspapers (I have quoted everything from Guardian to NY Times to apna local Dawn and Daily Times); I recently went to a beauty parlour and witnessed child abuse; I got called ugly by a random visitor to my blog. I also got published twice in one week and was proud to show it off to my five regular readers. It also tells one that I don’t have a life, I only live to blog and get deliriously happy when I find out that people are reading my blog in places as far away as Colombia, Israel and Slovenia. Oh it also tells you how much I hate Dr Shahid Masood, not that it matters to him at all.

All it tells you that I have absolutely nothing going on in my life and the narcissist that I am; I like to believe that I rant in style and people should read and praise my tirades about everything under the sun because I am so good at it.

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