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Subway goddess fighting puritanism

People have fought Puritanism in many ways; the subway goddess of Chile (Latin America) did it by stripping, in subway trains of Santiago, the Chilean capital.

Monserrat Morilles, 26, surprised subway riders all week stripping to skimpy underwear on the poles of Santiago subway trains to challenge the prudishness of Chilean society, but she refused to take tips.

She said she was protesting a lack of tolerance in Chile, one of Latin America‘s most conservative societies where the first generation since the Pinochet dictatorship is reaching adulthood.

“This is just a beginning. We are starting an idea here that will grow and be developed further,” she told Reuters as police and subway guards surrounded her.

The professional pole dancer worked quickly all week to avoid arrest, getting on at one station, finding a subway car with no children on it and stripping in time to exit at the next station.

Chilean media dubbed her “La Diosa del Metro” or Subway Goddess. She called her performances “happy minutes.”

Chile is still a pretty timid country,” said her manager Gustavo Pradenas. “People aren’t very extroverted and we want to take aim at that and make Chile a happier country.”

Imagine having a subway goddess of our own (as we don’t have subways here, we can have a Khan coach – a mini bus – goddess)! I wonder what will happen if someone tried subverting a talibanized society like Pakistan, a youtube beheading would be the mildest of punishments, what say?

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