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Still hooked on …

Ten days on, and I still check feedjit for who dropped by to read my masterpiece rants (Self love indeed is a lifetime romance). People do arrive on my blog while looking for really weird stuff. I have mentioned in my previous post that people got to my blog while looking for funny pictures or number of husbands of Sherry Rehman (I got no picture or details about her husbands – the only thing I have is the groper video), I have noticed that people came to my blog while looking for stuff as weird as ‘Salary package of Shahid Masood as announced by PPP’ to something as odd as ‘Indian chors(thieves)’ and ‘Deadly female names’.

One of the most popular words/phrases searched online which lead to my blog was … guess … ‘public sex’ which leads to this post of mine. People looked for public sex in places as varied as Philippines, Iran (particularly the holy city of Qom), Hong Kong, Alexandria, Egypt, Istanbul, and Israel and landed on my blog. I think human beings are voyeurs in general. It doesn’t matter if one is a Muslim in Egypt, a Jew from Tel Aviv or a godless Chinese in Hong Kong (I am not being politically incorrect, I am just repeating a common perception here), everyone is looking for ‘public sex’.

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