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Hooked on feedjit – seriously

It has been 5 days since I have added live feedjit to my blog and I have been obsessed with it. I check it every 3 hours. So far, I have been very happy to know that I have had visitors from places as far as Vancouver, British Columbia to places as unexpected as Poland, Singapore, France, Denmark and Bogota, Colombia (Yeah the same country which is famous for its drug cartel and giving CIA a hard time).

A good 42% of the visitors were from US and an even 12% were from Pakistan, India, UK and Canada. The rest were from Asia Pacific region, Australia, Kuwait, Germany, Oman, UAE, Poland, Denmark, Ireland, Norway and Qatar. I don’t think I know anyone living in either Iowa or New Hampshire (I got to know about these places through Democratic primaries), but it is always cool to find out that your rants has readers in far away places.

Feedjit tells you what operating system and what browser people are using to access your blog. I was quite surprised to see that most of North Americans used Mozilla Firefox. Feedjit also tell you what people were searching for when they stumbled upon your blog. I am glad to know that my blog featured in the searches as varied as ‘funny pictures of sherry rehman’, ‘Salman Khan and his girl friends’, ‘Dr Shahid Masood’, ‘watermelon’, ‘political afghanistan’, ‘mummy daddy collective’ (I seriously don’t know what that means)‘Arshad Pappu’ ‘Shazia Murree’, ‘leopard and his spots’ and someone called ‘Tazeen Said’. Someone in Thana, Maharshtra actually searched for boobie groping in public and landed on this post of mine.

Seriously, it is a lot of fun.

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