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Defying death – one more time!

I don’t know if it can be called defying death or the fact that I have nine lives like the proverbial cat, but I had yet another brush with death (or a situation that can bring about one’s death).

In past, I held an unexploded grenade with its pin off in my hands in Sri Lanka (sheer stupidity, I know), I was in F-8, Islamabad, last year when PPP’s camp outside the courts was bombed, I had left Luna Caprice, a restaurant in Islamabad earlier this year, a few minutes before it was bombed, I almost drowned in Indian ocean off the eastern coast of Sri Lanka, I got mugged in Delhi (I have heard it can be a life ending incident if the mugger happens to be trigger happy), I got caught between a mob on December 27th 2007 in Karachi that was burning cars left, right and centre and the third car in front of me was torched down with a petrol bomb among other things.

On Monday, I missed the bomb explosion in Karachi by a few minutes.

Looks like somebody up there really likes me.

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