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Manure thief falls into dung

This has got to be priceless. According to German police, a woman trying to make “manure bombs” using stockings, slipped into a slurry tank and fled the scene naked in Berlin.

Two women entered a farm in the northern village of Eberholzen Wednesday evening and started to fill the stockings with manure.

“One of them slipped into the manure tank, right into the cow muck,” said a spokesman for local police. “The other one helped her out. We found their clothes in a field. One seems to have run off completely naked, the other in her underwear.”

Police said it was unclear what the women had intended to do with the “manure bombs,” but added the incident could be linked to victory celebrations surrounding the Euro 2008 semi-finals on Wednesday evening, when Germany beat Turkey 3-2.

You know what added zing to this news item? The announcement made by German police that the women can come and collect their clothes back from the local police station – unwashed of course.

If these ladies had been living in Pakistan – or India for that matter, they would not have to work this hard to get dung. Our cows litter the streets with dung cakes … they are for all to steal and make bombs.

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