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How is that for a grand gesture?

Who says chivalry and grand romantic gestures died with the bard? Recently, a love struck Ukranian tycoon hired an entire theatre company so he could star in a play and give his girlfriend a proposal she’d never forget.

Gennady Zaleskiy, 38, paid £10,000 to have the play The Romantics staged in Zaporozhie, Ukraine, with him as the leading man.

He then arranged for his theatre-fan girlfriend to have a seat at the show on a girls’ night out with friends.

He appeared on stage in a mask where he was supposed to declare his love for his leading lady.

Instead, he turned to face his girlfriend in the audience and said: “No, the woman I love is called Victoria and she is in the sixth row. Will you marry me Victoria?”

Now – for a fitting finale – the couple are planning to wed.

“It was the most romantic thing I have ever seen. After this I know I will never need anyone else in my life,” said Victoria.

Sweet, isn’t it?

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