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Yeah baby, it is Iron Man

Yesterday, I went to see my dermatologist and he handed me a thelaful of medicines, concoctions and shampoos to make my scalp healthy and my hair shiny. Extremely morose I was after that visit so I decided to go and watch a film. As A and I had been planning to see Iron man for quite a while. Both of us are die hard Robert Downey Jr. fans – we both have a thing for bad boys and flawed characters – so it is but natural that we go together.
As usual, it turned out that apart from an odd pair of parents or two (there was a poor old grand mother who accompanied her grand kids for the film), we were the oldest people over there but that was understandable. Adults, esp. girls don’t go and watch super hero films. When I discussed it further with my sister she said that we always go and watch movies at the PG rated time (we usually take the 6:30 shows). She added that if we try and catch movies later, we may run into people our age, but I digress.
I quite liked Iron man, perhaps because he is the first super hero who is truly global in nature. I mean Superman and Spiderman usually save children from burning buildings of Brooklyn and from drowning in Pacific or Atlantic. Iron Man, on the other hand, flew across half the world to save people in Afghanistan – and that too at super sonic speed. Here is the twenty-first century super hero who, like his vast global business empire, is a do-gooder at international level. I also like him for the fact that he is a super hero who is super confident with women (unlike Superman who could never summon enough courage to tell Lois that Clark and him are the same people) and self assured (not doubtful like Spidey) and a narcissist to boot, who knows how smart he is and not afraid to come out in the open (unlike batman who even hides it from the love of his life) and admits to being the super hero in front of a roomful of journalists. How super cool is that?
Robert Downey Jr. was as dishy as we expected him to be in the film. While A admired his super fit tush, I admired his eyes. When I shared these details with my sister, she lamented the fact that I always had a thing for short men; be is Salman Khan or that couch molesting infamous son of Xenu.

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