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Blog and be damned!

After writing a blog about being cornered by the roving ambassadors of all things Dubai, I received an email that goes something like this:

“People like you who have nothing better to do in life write blogs sounding superior to the rest of the world. At least the corporate types are contributing to the world economy, people like you work for NGOs so that they can feel smug about it and get 6 figure salaries but do nothing about the state of world affairs. What is your contribution in the world economy? You people do nothing more than writing useless reports, hold rallies and stupid workshops that no sane person ever attends. In short, all you do is whine. You whine against government, you whine against corporations, you whine against politicians and you get paid handsomely for whining. Some of you even get famous for bitching about your own country such as that lazy ass bitch Asma Jehangir. You deserve hell.”

Whoa! That was quite a tirade. All I said was that I don’t like Dubai, don’t want to go to Dubai and don’t want to live in a city that looks and acts like a corporate wonder park and I get this. Seriously man, blog and be damned!

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