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Girly names for deadly cyclones

So the latest cyclone that devastated Myanmar is named Nargis. Nargis apparently is the 12th deadliest cyclone of all time.

Has anyone ever wondered why they are named with female names? The deadliest one in Indian Ocean was called Typhoon Nina. Before Nargis, Myanmar was hot by Cyclone Mala. Among other famous cyclones, hurricanes and typhoons that were laden with girly names were Tropical Storm Thelma which devastated Philippines in 1991, Hurricane Katrina (2005 – USA), Hurricane Iniki (1992 – Hawaii), Hurricane Pauline and Kenna (Mexico) Hurricane Cammille, Typhoon Nancy, Cyclone Tracy, Typhoon Ophelia and what not.

I just want to know why such horrible and disastrous events are given female names, why can’t it be called Cyclone Jack or Typhoon Rajesh or Hurricane Asad or Zach or whatever. The only notable cyclone that has a ‘boy name’ is Cyclone Bhola that hit India and Bangladesh in seventies.

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