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Black people are from down south

A friend’s blog detailed bushism of the week which reminded me another incident that happened with an Indian friend of mine in USA a long time back.

She was an undergrad student in an AmericanUniversity and was sitting and chatting with her Nigerian friend when two American white male students joined them and asked them about their respective countries. My friends told them about her Indian heritage and the Nigerian guy told them about his country. The American boys then asked my friend where is India and when she told them that it is in Asia, they refused to believe her as they thought that only oriental looking people (Chinese, Japanese, Mongolians etc) are Asian. After watching this display of ignorance, the Nigerian told them that his country is in Africa and then gingerly asked them if they know where Africa is?

One of the American boys said, “oh yes, we know where black people come from, they come from down south.”

“Down South,” the Nigerian guy wondered where this ‘down south’ is.

Oh we know, all the black people come from down south, Mississippi and Louisiana to be precise.

I think they truly represented the people who have voted for Mr. Bush, twice. Idiocracy is here and now.

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