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Hitler’s disciple

I quoted Ardesher Cowasjee in one of my previous posts where he said that unless a leader who has Iman and Insaniyat springs up from somewhere, we will remain a failing state.

I came across another gem (this time about racism) since then, Peshawar High Court Bar Association’s President Latif Afridi was caught on Geo saying that “If it is demanded that Afghanis are sent back to Afghanistan, then muhajirs should also be sent back to Hindustan.” Not only did he say that in a high court bar association gathering, the august lawyer’s community clapped and cheered the esteemed Afridi sahib heartily on his sage comments. The esteemed lawyer was not only rude enough to demand that Pakistanis who were born and brought up in the country should go back to India because their ancestors were stupid enough to come to Pakistan, he also called all of them looters and usurpers. He said that all Muhaijirs (I personally loath that term) are looters who have taken over the land of Sindhis. If he had any grouse against a political party, he was free to voice his concerns but open racism against 10 per cent of the population living in three major urban centres is bigotry of highest order.

The funny thing is, Afridi sahib is a former member of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan but he knows nothing about the basic right of a group of people to form political affiliations which can be different than his own. Afridi sahib is also famous for demanding and advocating for open and unpatrolled borders between Pakistan and Afghanistan. I only wonder why is he so vehemently ask for a situation which only helps smugglers who smuggle wheat to Afghanistan and bring back drugs and weapons to Pakistan. A patriotic Pakistani would not object to closing down the borders; open borders only help smugglers and Taliban operatives. If Hitler had been alive, he would have been very happy to have found such an ardent student of racism.

The learned wakeel sahib needs to take some classes in International Law 101 where he should be taught the difference between born citizens, naturalized citizens, invaders and refugees so that he will not make the mistake again and would learn to differentiate between citizens of Pakistan and Afghan refugees and their respective rights.

Oops, I forgot, citizens of Pakistan have no rights to speak of. After all, racist societies do not much care for rights of its citizen. We have seen it in Nazi Germany and Rwanda in the past and we are seeing it now in Darfur and Pakistan

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