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Policeman victimised

On March 24, 2008 the Police Head Constable Ali Hassan Solangi was just leaving the mosque at Malik Petrol Pump located in the jurisdiction of Hattari Police Station Hyderabad, when he was intercepted by four men (identified as Noor Muhammad Shoro, Deedar Shoro and two men from Brohee tribe whom Ali Hassan can recognize on seeing them) sitting in 2D car. The kidnapped Solangi on gunpoint and took him to the shrine of Shah Bukhari. Solangi recalls that on the way to Shah Bukhari Shrine, Noor Muhammad Shoro made calls to Hayat Chandio, Ganhwar Chandio, Hanif Shoro and Fateh Shoro. Upon reaching the Shrine, they chopped Solangi’s both hands from the wrists, shot bullets at both his legs and threw acid on his face before fleeing. When people heard Solangi screaming in pain, they informed the police who took him to LUMHS Jam Shoro where he was taken to the ICU ward. An FIR was lodged against the culprits but none of them has been arrested yet.

Ali Hassan was shifted to Room #8, Burns Ward LUMHS Hyderabad City on April 8, 2008.

The story behind this gruesome torture as told by the victim is: “I (Ali Hassan) was on duty during the Local Body Elections on August 25, 2005, at the Polling Station Govt Boys High School Khabar Khero, UC #4 Qasim Abad. Noor Muhammad Shoro, who was contesting for the seat of the Taluka Nazim and Deedar Shoro, the candidate for UC Nazim came to the polling station. They started casting bogus votes. When the Presiding Officer, Professor Naila Jarwar tried to stop them, they physically attacked her and tore her cloths. It was unbearable for me so I interrupted them and pushed them out of the polling station as it was my duty to safeguard the polling staff. Meanwhile, I also called up the Rangers for help. When the Rangers arrived, they arrested the two men. While they were being arrested, both Noor Muhammad Shoro and Deedar Shoro extended threats to me. I think chopping my hands is a punishment for my loyalty to my duty. I am proud of my hands which were raised against injustice and I am optimistic that one day I will get justice.”

Note: The Media and the civil society are requested to pay attention to this issue. Ali Hassan is expecting a massive support from both. For details, please contact his brother Ali Muhammad at 0307-3021020. With the exception of a couple of TV channels and a few Sindi papers, this incident has not been given proper coverage by the media. You are requested to please use your resources as a part of the media and NGO network to raise this issue. Those who want to help Solangi’s family financially can do through his brother or Mr. Ghulam Haider whose email is pasted below.

This news was forwarded by Mr Ghulam Haider: grdovsk@yahoo.com

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