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Facebook is mean

Facebook is mean, yes, I mean it. Every other day, I get an email saying something like this: 2 per cent of my friends think I am smart and 90 per cent think I am the best potential mother. I mean what the &(*$%)^$#@!?

Honestly, if I were taking it critically, I would have fought with all my friends (I think I am damn smart and do take my smartness and smart ass attitude very seriously) by now.

100 percent of my friends (actually its just three who have voted for me) think that I am most likely to win in a fight but none think I have a better profile picture!

An overwhelming 100 percent think I am more confident and well-mannered (thank you all 11 of you) but only 2.5 percent think I am hot.

This is the last email I got from Facebook.

Social News for March 24, 2008

Here is what your friends think about…

… your strengths:

best companion on a desert island

… your weaknesses:

person with the best profile picture

Like I said, facebook is mean.

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