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The next hip thing

In one of my previous posts, ‘Honest to blog’, I said that I was not particularly fond of the film Juno. I got an email saying that I just wanted to be hip and cool and stand out. According to that email, “Liking Juno is passé, people like it initially but those who want to sound ‘really cool’ don’t like it anymore. In fact the newest hip thing is to hate Juno because everyone likes it and makes it soooo common.”

First of all, I did not ‘hate’ Juno. I only mildly disliked it. For one thing, I used to be a smart ass kid but that was a long time back. Now I am a smart ass adult and don’t want to be around smart ass teenagers who think sun shines out of their own asses and have no regard for smart ass adults, hence the mild dislike.

Nothing more, nothing less, just the mild dislike.

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