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Cyber death

Somebody I know (in the cyberspace) recently committed an online suicide from one of the social networking websites. She was there with a fake profile and I am sure will resurrect with another fake one, but it got me thinking: is it possible to complete erase your online identity?

Deleting your blog, friendster, hi5 and orkut accounts is one thing, but if you use your real name in other online discussions, or have some material published; is it possible to erase all reference to you in cyber space and be web dead? What if whatever you have written gets quoted by others and stays on record there? Is it impossible to be web dead once you have been alive in cyber world? Is it possible to delete every reference to yourself online – simply disappear from the Web and restart your digital reputation afresh? Can one do that?

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1 Comment

  • No you can’t. With all the search engines around constantly spidering data off websites, forums and what not, I don’t think a person who’s been active on the web can ever go fully offline.

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