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Some user friendly fur and leather in Holyland

So they are going to the holy land together. For Mr. Sharif, it is also the land of sugar daddies; in plural.

According to The News, Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif have planned to undertake a joint visit to Saudi Arabia after the formation of the new government, to seek the Saudi oil facility in view of the economic crunch that could hit the country. And I thought they were going to bow down to the almighty for giving them another go at loot and plunder. After all, a man who stole 11 billion dollars from poor Pakistanis – rememberr the frozen foreign currency accounts after the Pokhran nuclear tests – and another few millions in yellow cab and ittefaq foundries scandal, and another man with the dubious title of Mr. 10% should be thanking their stars at the unprecedented stupidity of the country’s electorate which has given them a third chance.

Sadly, they are going for more prosaic reasons; seeking some petro-dollars. According to The News, “the kingdom, as it has demonstrated more than once, reserves a special love for Nawaz Sharif and is likely to favourably attend to his call for financial assistance in the shape of oil supply on deferred payments.”

This paragraph had me in splits.

Only a Jang group publication could have so beautifully put the love the kingdom has for our formerly bald leader. Needless to say, this has invoked all kind of images in my mind which has Mr. Sharif bent over, a few robe clad Arab princes and some user friendly fur and leather.

whip…. crack !!!!!

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  • lol…
    Whips. Arab princes. Palaces. Fur. Leather. And Oil.
    Politics always was about getting DOWN and DIRTY, but this dirty!

  • This is just the begining meray dost,

    agay agay dekhiye hota hai kiya?

  • yeh.. this space just got major kinky… S&M style

  • Hope the “Images” section will soon be up and running. The site will be getting a fresh new Arabian Nights theme.

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