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Will he, won’t he?

Mr. Sharif dithered for days before finally succumbing to request by Mr.Zardari to participate in February 18th election. His opinions and decisions sea-sawed after every meeting with the likes of Imran Khan, Qazi of JI and Mr. Zardari and this pattern will continue. Even after elections, he claimed, at least once everyday, that his party members will not ministries because that will mean taking oath from President Musharraf who, in Mr. Sharif’s opinion, is an undemocratic president. Last evening, he agreed to become part of the government and said that though it is extremely unpalatable for him and his party, members of PML-N will take up select ministries and will take oath from the president.

He has also pledged to release Dr. A.Q. Khan as soon as he can but will not be able to do that as Pakistani government is under agreement with IAEA to keep Mr. Khan under house arrest, so Mr. Sharif will have to go back on his word on this matter as well. And that would be just the beginning. He will go back on a lot of things and the general amnesia and short term memory loss that has engulfed the whole nation, most people will not even be bothered to remember what their formerly bald leader has pledged.

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  • I doubt that this new coalition will last. If Scaatland cannot get along with his party stalwarts like Amin Fahim how is he going to get along with someone who changes his mind every day.

    Now they are saying oath to the assemblies will be taken when the ex general goes on a foreign tour so they don’t have to take oath under him… this is turning into a big joke

  • we have collective amnesia as a nation…we keep forgetting…the coalition will also forget in time why it was formed…

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