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Honest to blog!!!

Let me confess, I did not particularly like Juno.

I may be the only person on the planet who is not totally bowled over either by the film or Ellen Page in this particular film (those who rate her highly after watching Juno should watch Hard Candy – she is so good, she will scare the living day lights out of you, esp if you happen to be a man in his thirties and you like to befriend young teenage girls online).

Sorry, I digressed but that’s me and branching off is life.

I have to admit there are certain lines that are uttered with such sublime irreverence that make you smile such as ‘PennySaver has ads for parents “Desperately Seeking Spawn” and the super confidence of the character Juno when she said that all the jocks really want gothic/weird /freaky girls. But at the same time, it was nothing out of ordinary, I would definitely be wary of ridiculous hype over a movie again.

What I find most inspirational about Juno is that the screen writer, who goes by the name Diablo Cody and just won a BAFTA and an Oscar for the script, is someone who got discovered as a writer through her blog. I must confess that it is my ultimate fantasy – to get ‘discovered’ through my blog.

The problem is, Ms. Cody got discovered when she blogged about her year as a stripper in Minnesota, which has since then been published as a book ‘Candy Girl: A Year in The Life of an Unlikely Stripper‘. If I write about my work, the five loyal readers that I have will abandon me in a jiffy. Because then, it would be all about things like poverty reduction, income generation model for youth in hospitality sector, participatory development, rural development, civic rights education and gender economics. So if I intend to get ‘noticed’ online, writing about my work would be a big NO. I either have to come up some fantastic fiction, change my profession, start swimming with sharks and blog about it or bury my dreams of discovery forever. Any suggestions people???

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  • HAHAHAHA… this was sooo good, especially the last part about getting discovered 🙂

  • Hmmm ways to get noticed online….

    “insert random digital fantasy here”

    no actually i had a question? what the hell is the hospitality sector? does that mean hospitals or those people that like stand outside wallmart or shereton or something saying welcome.. welcome

  • ofcourse u’l get discovered. its all about branding it right girl.. is it a coincidence that the blogger noticed was a ‘stripper’ is it a coincidence that Victoria secrets, A&F,and Playboy are the most well known brands in pop culture.

    add a little zing, ‘poverty reduction leads to enhanced confidence in bed’ that is a seller.

    i can bet u a 100 pounds u write it and it’l get u noticed.

    give the public what they want babe! its all about that

  • Faisal,

    Hospitality sector refers to hotel and restaurant industry and it include people who stand outside and welcome you and those who work at professional jobs such as chefs and marketing executives and what not.

    Asma darling,

    Now we are betting in the currency of queen, i have a feeling that when you come back, you will have a posh accent, you will be drinking tea with lemon in the afternoons and start your sentences with “I am afraid” and “I suppose”.

  • the new slang of queenland is ‘fabulous’ , flip the hair and say, ‘Ohhh… that is just utterly fab.’

    What do u expect babe, we are survivors, we adapt.

  • Ahhh ha! Juno hayta you! It was having watched Hard Candy is what had me watch Juno. Ellen’s an amazing actor! Oh and unless you have endured public high school in US, I suspect this movie may indeed appear bit weird or lame… Aside Ellen’s acting, the whole drama about the couple and the love story between the HS sweethearts (yeah I know, noticing this about myself, surprised the heck out o me as well!) is what kept me from bailing on the movie…

  • bhai,
    just read another blog by a pakistani guy writing about his work. This guy is a television producer and he was bitching about his colleague Wajahat S. Khan. Honestly, apart from the five people who know wajahat outside the dawnnews building, no one would understand a bit. Writing about work, even if you happen to be a tv producer, is a big no no.
    I am sticking to my resolve of not writing about my work, its boring and bound to bring a yawn or two.

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