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Gher ittefaqiya

I am officially sick of Mr Nawaz Shariff.

His new wardrobe that he acquired in London, while in exile on corruption charges, his pashmina scarves and his head of new, albeit wispy and surprisingly black hair may have fooled some, but I know that not much has changed as far as his mental faculties go. He is still a little thick in the head.

According to a friend, in a rally in Lahore before elections, he asked the people that what kind of a commando is he (Musharraf) that he changed his foreign policy in Afghanistan when a woman called (he meant Condoleeza Rice – Mian sahib was factually incorrect as usual because Condi only became secretary of state in Dubya’s second term, if anyone had called Mush after 9/11, it was most definitely not Condi). He also called him names on account of Article 58 (2) B. The funny thing is that he is abusing mush for 58 (2) B even though he is the only President who did not use it. Ghulam Ishaq Khan used it twice and Leghari used it against his party leader Ms. Bhutto.

His party members have been sitting in a parliament for the past five years and he now calls it unconstitutional. If it was unconstitutional, then why contest elections and the participated in parliamentary affairs for the past 5 years?

Even the post election struggle is all about power. PML-N has selected Shariff brothers as their parliamentary leaders even though none are members of parliament. Can someone please tell them that they have to be elected members of any legislative assembly in order to lead a team of parliamentarians? Imagine, this guy has been our ‘elected leader’ twice and if things remain the way they are, we will have another election soon and will see him donning the cap of PM for the third time. Life is not fair, at least not in Pakistan.

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  • shit, i even forgot how mian sahab used to look like before his follicular make over … he hardly had any hair and his sideburns were almost white, now there are some hair and mahogany dark sideburns …. i only wish he has had liposuction too, esp around the face

  • This man has not changed in any way. He is back with the politics of revenge…and now he wants to set up a commission on Kargil. He will not move forward…typical Pakistani politician, jahil aur baywaqoof bhi

  • meri jan, in order to look past revenge and verbal vomit, one needs political wisdom and sagacity aur woh tau mian sahab ke paas se bhi choo ke naheen gayee. yeh jahalat aur bewaqoofi hi humara muqaddar hai …

  • yeh jahalat aur bewaqoofi hi humara muqaddar hai …

    cos u r an asshole

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