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Not quite the party animal

I have been told that there is something seriously wrong with me. Some think it is physiological, some think it is psychological and some consider it to be psycho-physiological, but the fact remains, I dread going to parties and it is deemed to be abnormal by most of my peers. I am still young, social enough to know some people and get occasional if not regular invitations and am considered quite witty (not my words) yet I am the last person who will be looking forward to a party or at least the parties with big crowds and loud music.

Despite popular claims that I am not normal, I consider myself quite normal (could be an acute case of self delusion), but I don’t enjoy parties like normal folks. My biggest flaw is that I actually expect meaningful conversation when I go to a party. Instead of talking about who is wearing what and who is doing whom, I talk about things that actually matter. Is that too big a faux pas?

The other reason is that I am not too fond of parties is that I don’t like Dubai. I have a theory that one’s popularity in the current party scene is inversely proportional to one’s fondness for all things Dubai. Be it hopping over to catch the latest Shahrukh Khan flick or a game of golf with that ‘old Indian friend; or buying that designer bag, everyone has their fair share of Dubai stories. As my Dubai stories are limited to a few hours stop overs on my way to other less commercial destinations around the globe, I feel quite inadequate at the requisite Dubai story session at the parties. While in transit at the Dubai airport, I either hide in the toilet for special persons or the Irish bar where one would never run into desi people asking questions ranging from the origins of your tribe to the weight of your luggage and if you will be willing enough to carry that last minute addition in their luggage which is carrying that bag of chocolates for chintos and bubloos.

My third reason for not going to a party is related to the second one. As I don’t go shopping in Dubai, I don’t have a Louis Vuitton handbag and one cannot go to a party without a designer bag. It is a must have accessories these days, more important than any other type of arm candy, and I usually feel like an impostor at such do-s with my functional leather bag with no designer tag on it.

The fourth reason I am not a party person is that I am against abuse, be it people abuse or substance abuse. As most parties these days are about being wasted, which is aesthetically called ‘letting go’, being the only person in command of your faculties can be extremely trying at times, especially when you have to haul people off from various stages of letting go and then drop them off.

If I had been born in any other country, I would have quit the party scene ages ago, but being a Pakistani, it comes very naturally to me to do things I am not good at. After all, seeing the politicians and strongmen, who don’t know jack about either politics or running a country, have been heading one government after another, I too have taken a leaf or two out of their books and am sticking to what I can’t do well. The only thing I can say in my defense is that I have the decency of being charming and quirky.

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  • You cannot even go to the airport without the very necessary LV, how could you have imagined that you will do at the parties with out one all important LV

  • saif bhai,
    see like you did not know the spelling of Louis Vuitton, hence repeated LV

  • Tez,

    You need to find geeks to party with… even though many of the geeks may secretly be filthy rich, but you’d never hear them boast about their purse… instead, you’d get to do stuff talking about politics, mechanics of turbo props, discussing meaning of life, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, camping in the Andes, gossip about up-n-coming gadgets, play board games, PS3, Xbox etc. etc. mmmm that’s about it…

  • uhhh that last post was not meant to be anonymous…


  • The popularity of LV bag is directly proportional to the spam emails I receive offering discount on LV bags.

  • Zobee jeee
    all the karachi geeks have left the city for silicon valley, seatle and torornto. Where do i find them ….

  • Who cares that you’re charming and quirky. Forget Louis Vuitton (too many fakes in the market), go get a Chloe. And remember, its pronounced as ‘kloee’, emphasise that!!!!

  • no no no…. see u got it wrong Taz.

    Parties are too dark to show of fashion accessories. The necessity of the LV or Kloee is most paramount in political rallies these days 🙂

    you got it right on the meaningful conversation bit tho…

  • You meant to say directly proportional, not inversely proportional…

  • nah.. i dont necessarily agree … either a Louise Vuitton or wear something that shows legs.. or cleavage. u wont even have to talk.

  • nah.. i dont necessarily agree … either a Louise Vuitton or wear something that shows legs.. or cleavage. u wont even have to talk.

  • HAHA.. 🙂 You are too good, Tez. I always enjoy ur blogs…. 😀

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