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Identity crisis

One can write a book on the witty one liners and the poetry on the back of public buses and rickshaws in Pakistan. I thought I have seen it all, a truck painted with a roaring lion with Nawaz Sharif’s face (thats his election sign) to another one with “Lakh nakhray dikhao load uthana paray gay, chahay kuch bhi, mianwali tau jana paray ga” to a rickshaw that proudly claims, “Bara ho ke truck banoon ga.” However, this rickshaw is suffering from severe identity crisis and calls itself Prado (for the uninitiated, it is mid size four wheel drive from Toyota), and i thought it was just us, humans, who are frail enough to suffer from identity crisis. Looks like we are not the only ones. Somehow, it does not make me feel any better.

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  • some other choice rickshaw sayings i have witnessed.

    “dallar Ki Talash”

    “Pan aur naswar khana hama purana rasm hay, is rikshay par na tukhna tumhe khuda ka kasam hay”


    “Khwaja ki diwani”

    “Pass me or take the noise”

  • Inspirational rickshaw! Woh to truck banega, yahan you can buy a merceded emblem in the chor bazaar (obviously some rich bloke is missing his) and put it on a 1-box suzuki. Now that is not wishful thinking, but positively schizophrenic!

  • schizophrenia rules meri jaan

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