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Invaluable lessons

From my past lives, I have learnt;

  • Love is best practiced online.

  • Most things one want to do are immoral; most things one want to eat are fattening.

  • Lying is an art, there should be schools out there teaching just that.

  • Being a vegetarian is not what it is all cracked up to be.

  • Love handles are essential; when love fades away, you need to hold on to something.

  • There exist something called boredom triggered coma; trust me, I have suffered from it.

  • The only people who support Manchester United are the ones who don’t know much about football.

  • Bananas contain a natural chemical that make you happy. The same chemical is found in Prozac, so bananas can now be substituted for Prozac.

  • The ability to bullshit your way around is handier than the ability to speak five languages.

  • Last but not the least, there is no experience as life altering as death.

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  • Tazeen bibi,

    i am glad that you now know how essential love handles are … in fact, it is handles that makes the world go round …. love is only temporary, it is the handles that stay with us, till death do us part ….

  • O ye of little faith. Online stuff is more deceptive then real life, for instance i could be a 300 lb dyke frm somalia ogling yr blog or u haha

    Love is not temporal it is eternal! Ppl change love does not!

  • Tazeen, dost …I also love Manchester United but I know in and out of football been watching it since early 90s 🙁

  • Now this is personal.. jo kehna hay waisay keh lo Manchester United tak kio jati ho? -Anis

  • “The only people who support Manchester United are the ones who don’t know much about football”

    i agree to this one the most…and banana one was way too hilarious coz i just had a banana and then couldn’t stop laughing =)

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