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The Myth of Pakistani Stud

So along with a million and one Indians, Shobha De (yes, the one who write ultra trashy novels that get published and I cant find editors for my 1000 word articles) also jumped in to discuss the myth about Pakistani studs (for full story, see ). Ever since Britney Spears started hanging around that shady character (can’t dignify it by calling it dating) Indian newspapers went in a tizzy about Pakistani stud muffins and how they woo the fair ladies from the far far away lands. The earlier examples cited were Princess Diana and a very irritating Jemima Khan (cant make up my mind, who I find more irritating, Jemima or her ex).

First of all, I want to know what is wrong with Indians? What fascination they have about romance with Pakistanis, be it men or women (we have seen enough of Veer Zara type films to know that the fascination just does not end with any specific gender).

If you ask me, I would say that Pakistani men are NOT wonderful at all, perhaps with exception of a very tiny minority, the rest are worst than their counterparts in other parts if the world, India included. Jemima and Lady Di fell for them because they did not know any better. Diana (God rest her soul in peace), did not live to regret her decision – thank heaven for small mercies – and Jemima has wizened up after 9 long years and left our pathan bhai ji for an equally unimpressive Hugh Grant (some people just never learn).

Like other Britney affairs, including her two marriages, this too shall not last. Waisay bhi, we have enough problems of our own, we sure as hell, do not need another train wreck.

Ms. De goes a little further and says that the mem sahibs in question sought salvation of some kind, when they hooked up with Pakistani men. I beg to differ and think that they just were looking for something different; like an evening out to eat curry after eating Yorkshire pudding and fish and chips for sooo long.

She further went on and said that the next stud (!?!?!?!?!) to attract a foreigner is Asif Zardari. Even the most ardent admirers of Mr Z would find it unpalatable that he be called stud. STUD!!!!!! Some people have started using the words soooo liberally. I don’t think Mr. Z is in the market for a wife, mem sahib or otherwise, for the time being. Unless, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari comes back after finishing his degree and Mr. Z hands over the party reigns to his son, he will watch his steps very carefully and play the dutiful widower who will be sitting beside the picture of his more dynamic deceased wife.

In any case, you only get lucky once.

As for Pakistani studs, I am yet to see a genuine true blue one.

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  • Jani,
    your title said it all, Pakistani stud is a MYTH, it does not exist. There is a higher probability of a Pakistan werewolf than a Pkaistani stud

  • True, Jemima is highly annoying, but leave Mr.Grant out of it! I think he’s funny and Jemima ‘Khan’ isn’t fit to lick his boots. Mr Imran is worthy enough for her.

  • Oh come on, you have not seen any true blue pakistani studs, Yaar Tazeen, kiya ho gaya hai … main hoon na

  • Hahaha hmm shoba de has a fertile imagination. However u would b quite surprised that amongst the fair skinned ones we are stil considered to be a bit of a delicacy. But so are our women. Problem is sometimes the myth cannot live upto its own rep! Gr8 blog!

  • I can’t help but think to myself:
    “dur ke dhol suhanay hotay hain!”

    On second thought-> I’m jealous of maims! How come they are having so much success finding Pakistani “Studs”?

  • Becuz desi women have given up hope in desi men.

    plus one persons hero is anothers zero, its a relative thing

  • i was able to find one 🙂

  • Oh the hate ! lol

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