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Atomic Attraction

China has recently opened up the base where it researched and produced its first nuclear weapons as a tourist attraction. The question is, do you really want to go?

China’s so-called “Atomic Town”, a base built in 1958 to research and build the country’s first generation of nuclear weapons, is now officially open and being promoted as a tourist attraction (what were Chinese thinking, or may be they were just not thinking).

The supposed main attraction is an underground, reinforced concrete bunker which originally contained the main research laboratory. Along with the rest of the base, it was closed in 1987 and handed over to the provincial government six years later.

The underground headquarters of the nuclear weapons research and production base are a curiosity to many people. They can see the nuclear city for themselves.

But would you really want to go? Apart from the remoteness and the lack of much to see of any interest, you would also have to trust officials when they say the site has been thoroughly decontaminated? I think not, unless they start selling performances by Atomic Kittens as added attractions.

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  • come on,
    you gotta give chinese some credit for an original idea

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