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Mullah Radio and his fatwas

Pakistanis as a nation are quite obsessed with marriage. We are either attending them, planning them, setting them up, breaking them up or berating people for not committing to it. In short we sleep and breath marriages, but maulvis is Pakistan are even more obsessed about marriages than an average Pakistani. I recently read that Maulana Fazlullah (of Swat), who is also known as “Mullah Radio” because of his fiery Islamic sermons that he delivers on his illegal FM radio channel, urged his female followers to make sure that their husbands grow beard. He also warned them that their failure to do so would result in annulment to marriages with their beardless husbands (The Friday Times published the details of the fatwa).

This is a first I heard of annulment of marriage on the grounds of a clean shaven face. I have heard women complaining about the 4 day old stubble but women have no issues with clean shaven men, if they have then all the campaigns of shaving creams, razors and after shaves across the world who show a woman lovingly caressing the freshly shaved cheeks of her man are not “in” on the secret.

In any case, weird fatwas are nothing new for Mullah Radio. He earlier issued fatwas against female literacy, television, music and fiction writing. Yes, he has banned women’s digests in his area because he thinks they are propagating obscenity. On the contrary, they teach our little girls how to be docile little good wives who press their husbands feet at the end of the day. If only fatwa issuing maulana knew how to read and write, he would not issue this fatwa.

According to dawn reports, Mullah Radio could often be seen riding on a white horse to give the impression that he was the one who could revive the Khilafat. He had also designed special propaganda techniques to mould the opinion of Swati women, the least educated class, to his favour.

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  • Super! A mullah focussing attention on women. Interestingly he has asked the women to ask the men to grow beards. Now thats interesting. A beard maybe a bit over the top, but stubble, now that’s pretty cool this side of the border. The likes of Abhi baby, hritik roshan and a couple of wannabes are sporting it unabashedly. Any chance that these are mullah radio’s (that’s a cool name) original attempts to make the men of Swat cool too?

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