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Public Sex !!!!

I know it is sad, some may even call it demented, but as soon as summers begin, my cravings for long exotic holidays start. Most of the time, I cannot give in to them for reasons ranging from penury to familial obligations (how do I wish that I was born in a bubble) to not getting time off (Pakistan is a horrendously marriage – heterosexual of course – friendly country and married people with young children are given preference for holidays in summer).

As I cannot travel during the summers, I do the next best thing. I check out all the travel websites from wikitravel to guardian and ny times to lonely planet and what not for the remotest places. Sometime back, I though I should look up Pakistani locations, after all it is the visit Pakistan year and poor Niilofar Bakhtiar braved a fatwa or two for luring people to Pakistan, the least I can do is take cyber interest in the touristy locations of Pakistan.
I stumbled upon this travelogue by an Indonesian student who posted some pictures of his time in Harrappa. If only ministry of tourism take note of those pictures paste them on the official tourism website, we can get a lot more visitors. After all where else can you see sexual intercourse on the streets? Yes, it happening on the streets of Harrappa, Lahore and even Karachi. The funny thing is, no one minds that, we are truly an enlightened and moderate nation. If you don’t believe me, see the picture yourself, after all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Hail enlightened moderation.

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  • My dad remembers the time when all these men were digging around in Harappa searching for broken utensils… at age 5, he wondered why in the world didn’t they just go and buy new ones for themselves. Not sure he would like this new image of the place.

    But summer does give me the desire to travel too. Preferably to a place which is cold – in direct contrast to what the heat in Mumbai is putting me through. I belong to Delhi – desert climate with extreme winters and dry hot summers, and then I wander into this city which doesn’t have seasons, or rather the only season it has is ‘the sweaty one’… in summers you sweat the moment you step out, in ‘winters’ you sweat half the times that you step out. Yet, in the ‘mumbai winter’ (read a temp of 20deg celsius) i saw a man on a scooter with a monkey cap!!!!!! Which reminds me of my time in manchester when i would be bundled up in a scarf and coat and this babe would come running out of the pub with hardly enough clothes to cover her assets. The bane of being warm blooded i guess

  • are those dogs conjoined…?

  • that’s certainly not doggy style!!

  • I know what you r doing sistar tazeenzz – u r promoting public sex in pakistan – we are not animalz sistar – Allah gave us aql 2 see right from da wrong and ask anyone public sex is wrong – the only reason dogs can make out in public is because Allah did not send messengers for dogs.

    lucky bastards!

  • are you sure the dogs were having sex?

    PS: Brother Asakari,
    if you can get it up in front of everyone, go and indulge in public sex. Dont envy dogs, they dont have that many rights to start with.

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