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Outer Mongolia … no more

A friend who thinks I am good enough to be a published writer insisted that I become more disciplined and start writing. When I complained that I cannot focus enough to write at length, he told me to get out of Karachi. He thinks Karachi doesn’t seem like a writer’s city, it is far too demanding and not loving enough.

In my opinion, it is not just Karachi, the whole bloody world is far too demanding (I know I am whining but it is good to whine once in a while, is it not?); unless you go and live in Outer Mongolia (my favorite point of reference for all things odd and out of way). I think I need to change that point of reference as McDonlad’s is planning to open its door to the people of Ulan Bator (capital of Mongolia) and it will no longer remain “outer” but will soon be “inner” part of the ugly face of investment.

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