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The most original idea

I live in Karachi- what once was known as the city of lights (it now has the distinction of being called the city of candle lights).

Everyone has an idea or two about dealing with the bijli crisis in Pakistan in general and Karachi in particular, but the most novel idea came from my favourite maulanas of the week year. Yes, I am talking about Maulana Abdul Rasheed and Abdul Aziz (Lal Masjid again).

The controversial clerics came out with an odd solution for the current power crisis in the country. “The power shortage in the country will end if the ruling class, military and police stop ironing their clothes, ” Maulana Abdul Aziz, chief cleric of the Lal Masjid, said in a statement in Islamabad. “If the rich and powerful adopt frugal habits and live simply wearing un-ironed clothes, the country can considerably conserve energy to reduce rigors of power shortages,” he siad. According to him, the elite sections of society were living a sinful life of opulence, lavish spending and indiscriminate use of national resources including power facilities that has pushed the country into a crisis-like situation of power outages and forced load-shedding of electricity”

Now that’s what I call an original idea. I can so understand why thousand follow them.

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  • I have to agree this is by far one of the best ideas i have heard ever…Imagine coming to work in un-ironed clothes and your boss not being able to pick on you!!! Its perfect for someone like me who wears mostly linen and believes that ironed linen looks prissy and downright ‘uncool’.

    Mumbai too is having a power crisis and in all my committment to the larger well being of a society that isn’t quite sure how to survive, i suggested that everyone leave work at 6pm sharp and to ensure the same, the bank issue a strict warning that all computers to be shut off at that designated time. Unfortunately despite the talk of ‘work life balance’ and other similiar nonsense, it didn’t go down too well with the boss. Oh well, at least i tried. I’ll settle for un-ironed linens instead as a consolation.

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