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We are a confused nation

Ahhh I was waiting to hear news like that. The Lahore High Court (ordered the Interior Ministry to place the names of a same-sex couple of Faisalabad on the Exit Control List after they failed to appear before the court despite arrest warrants.

The court, on an application of Tariq Hussain, father of Shehzina, the alleged wife of Shamile Raj, ordered to place the couple on the ECL.The father, in his application, apprehended that the couple could flee the country. He said Shamile Raj and Shehzina were planning to flee the country with the help of some NGOs and they had completed their documents for the purpose. He told the court that a network was working in Faisalabad, which arranged same sex marriages, and Khalid Bhatti was its ringleader. ‘Many others, including a daughter of Khalid Bhatti and brother of Shamile Raj, are also involved in it,’ he alleged. He said he had registered a case against Bhatti and the couple while the police arrested Zahid, brother of Shamile Raj. The couple, Shamile Raj and Shehzina Tariq. had approached the LHC, seeking protection from the police and harassment from their families, masquerading as husband and wife. But the matter took a new turn when Tariq Hussain, the father of Shehzina, appeared in the court and submitted that both were girls. He disclosed that Shamile Raj was a girl and her original name was Nazia. Later, the court ordered the medical examination of Raj, the ‘husband’ which confirmed she was a woman.

Despite being an extremely homoerotic country (where else you find men holding hands in public, public display of wild passionate encounters on all chappar hotels along the GT Road with transvestites, hermaphrodites and young boys; women getting married to Quran who later take up concubines ) we now have the distinction of being homophobic and that too at judicial level. Yes, we are a confused nation and this further validates the confusion

Up until now, we have only been putting corrupt politicos and Al-Qaeda members wanted by good ol’ US on the exit control list but now this list has gotten diversified. I am all for diversity, it has what made US great and I am sure it will make us great too, of course in due course. Before this our exit control list was overwhelmingly male, now it has members from the fairer sex. Some of the detractors of women’s inclusion in the list will say that it just another ploy to get western asylum and once they will reach the western hemisphere, they will revert back to their straight ways.

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  • where else you find men holding hands in public is not necessarily gay…

  • tazeen said;

    ((women getting married to Quran who later take up concubines)))

    There are some people who know who you are and where u live.Good luck u bitch.

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