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the new slang …

I am feeling particularly old of late, and I was wondering why? Do I look different than I did 5 years ago, if I don’t count the extra 10 pounds I packed in that period, not really. Do I make more money that I used to, of course, but that’s a good thing … right? So what is it and then it dawn on me …

I am so not familiar with the new slang that I feel like a fish out of water amongst college going kids. I was just recently admonished for not checking my vitals regularly and I laughed and asked if I look old enough to get my vitals checked regularly (In layman terms, getting your vitals checked means getting your sugar level, pulse, blood pressure level and temperature checked). I was given “The Look” which basically says, ‘oh you are sooooooooo last century.” I was later told that checking you vitals meant checking your email, myspace, facebook, orkut, blog, and/or any daily essential websites. I obviously was not cool enough to know it …

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1 Comment

  • Now that I have read through the entire blog after ‘Goad’ gave me ‘strent’ to do so, what do I do? Loved reading through your blog. Thank you for a wonderful read 🙂

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