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Only in the "Land of Pure"

I don’t usually pick up the newspaper first thing in the morning and never Jang at that, but earlier today, I did just that – picked up Jang. On the front page, above the fold, I happen to come across this picture where a UC Town (baldia Town) Nazim Salman Baloach is hitting a woman councilor with his leather belt while the union council was in session.

I have no words, such is the state of affairs in this country that the Women Protection Bill fails to protect even the elected members at different levels of legislature from murder (Late Provincial Minister Zill-e-Huma), scorn, (Federal Minister Niilofar Bakhtiar for hugging her French paragliding instructor) and this unnamed councilor in Baldia Town Karachi for getting hit by the belt in front of her colleagues for sins unmentioned. I shudder to think how will we, the ordinary women of Pakistan, be protected under a law that cannot save its elected members.

I am sad.

I am sad that I am a woman.

I am sad that I am a Pakistani woman.

I am sad that I am a Pakistani woman who is fighting a battle that will not be won, at least not in my life time, may be never.
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  • didnt the news paper mentioned why?

  • Hey Tazeen, And I thought I had a bad day. Despite my ennui, you win … no contest!
    Don’t let your passion, piercing intelligence or zest for life leave you. The world needs less mediocrity and more people like you. Your take on things is bang on. As a character in the film 12:08 East of Bucharest says, “One makes whatever revolution one can, each in their own way.” Keep it up …

  • this sucks. oh fuck the WHY. is this not bad enough as it is?
    damnit. and i hate my boss!

  • Deep down, this man dreams of being a woman – with courage, passion, the capacity to love and a little cunning. It’s pretty obvious in the picture that so far all his masculinity has given him is a naive illusion of courage.
    Tazeen, women don’t need a protection bill. The aggressive elements of masculinity turn back on it, and misogyny is in fact self-destruction. I swear by every witch that has ever been burnt, the battle has already been won.

  • i just cant get over the fact that this photograph isnt posed for…it actually happened. imagine if we were in the states and sumone pulld a stunt like this…damn
    for some reason this post reminds me of that mining movie…north country
    the ego of the pakistani man has been pampered for too long, he seems to think he can get away with any crazy ass stunt…its sick to belong to such a society that doesnt condem such behaviour, instead applauds it …u know wat i mean…putting the aurat in her place wala behavior
    sick perverted asswipes

  • “It is not for us to choose the times we live in. What we can choose, is what to do with the time we do have.” And let’s use that as well as we can. Big hug, an Indian woman.

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