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What makes one complex/weird/unusual?

Is it having contrasting opinions, being a non conformist, being unmarried is an overwhelmingly married country like Pakistan or someone who suffer from superiority/inferiority complex? I actually fulfill the criteria on all counts (yes I alternate between superiority and inferiority complex) and I have been called all that and some more.

I know I am complex, at times; I have been told that I have multiple personality disorder. People say that for various reasons. For instance, I use words like iconoclastic, angst, catapult, bludgeon, puerile, myriad, grotesque, conjure, cringe, deplore, abhor, lament, loathe and awry, which I am told that most normal people do not use. Normal people use words like cool, awesome, chill and whatnot. Its not that I use these words just to show my prowess of English language (which I invariably end up doing), it’s just that I abhor, deplore, loathe and cringe at a lot of things/people/incidents. Another thing that makes me weird is the fact that I think it is ok to stalk your crush. Come on! What’s the use of having a crush if you cannot stalk them; ask them all silly questions that should betray your true feelings and basically just annoy the shit out of them. That’s why one has a crush in the first place. Secondly, I think it is very important to have an object of affection, even if you do change that object periodically.

I have perfected the art of rolling eyes … I can roll them heaven wards, downwards, leftwards, rightwards and afterwards, I now fear that my vision is ruined for life. Such a unique accomplishment also makes me an oddball.

I find most things overrated. That includes almost everything except friendships.

I excel at the art of stating the obvious; for instance, I have been brushing my teeth, twice-a-day-every-day all my life, and I still have them; so I would like to state (quite obvious) that you cannot brush your teeth away.

I have also been brushing my hair for the same amount of time and have gotten rid of most of them; so it is a proven fact (another obvious) that unlike your teeth, you can actually brush your hair away.

The list is pretty long, anyone who reads it (all you two and half people), feel free to add your own weird quotient…

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  • I agree, simply put:
    complex – the desire to keep looking for simplicity. Dude (i risk using that here) if life was simple you’d be bored to death.
    wierd – the desire to follow the masses. Sure no one wants psychopaths and sociopaths around but its awfully boring to see all the women with the same hair and the same clothes. Didn’t anyone happen to tell them that its the black spot on a white surface that will always stand out? or the black sheep perhaps???
    Unusual – now thats very simple . Just be 30, single, financially independent and live in a south asian city. Everyone is bound to think you’re either a lesbian or plain unattractive to men or worse case scenario a hooker.

  • ///complex – the desire to keep looking for simplicity. ///

    If only people understand it

  • I think more and more people are agreeing that it is ok to not be married. ermmm..ok? no, normal actually.
    and most of those ‘more and more people’ are married already…so its an educated opinion. So lament not, thou art normal – whatever that means.

  • i like your pic

  • i just love ur writing,why don’t think about writing a book,i can be ur promoter in US.

  • 😀

  • fuckittttt hell is other people anyways. :p

  • but keep this blog on man. i love hearing from you. one of the few people i know who make a lot of sense! 😀

  • I would not say that using “big” words (can I have the definition of puerile please?) qualifies you as having a multiple personality disorder!!! Unless one personality uses those words and the other one cannot speak coherently at all.
    I do totally agree with stalking the object of your affection though : ) I am saying this after being the recipient of multiple restraining orders : )

  • Ayesha,
    multiple restraining orders …. now thats a story we all would like to share ….


    contact me …. i need someone to push me into writing …. you could be the one

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  • You’re fascinating when you talk about words. Have you ever repeated a word over and over again until it begins to sound absurd? Language, social identities, kinship relations or religious rituals – they are all absurd when you look at them with indifference.
    You are not ‘complex/weird/unusual’ because you behave the way you do. You behave the way you do because you are unusual.
    What makes you unusual is the ability to talk about words. The ability to analyze the symbolic order despite being a part of it. It will make you feel very lonely some day.

    You need words to explain words, and that always leaves several new words to be explained. Sometimes when you look a word up in a dictionary, it gives you a definition that contains another word that you need to look up, and the definition of that word contains yet another word that you need to look up. This can theoretically go on until after a finite number of attempts you will return to the word with which you began.
    Similarly, the question you ask in your blog (i.e. what makes you unusual) is incited by linguistic and cultural systems that present themselves as truths, but when you question them, they refer you to other ones, and it goes on until you reach the first.

    It’s absurd. You do not need to feel superior or inferior for what you are.
    The word ‘weird’ originally meant fate – yes! The werde sisters, or the fates, were popularized by Shakespeare when he cast them as three witches in Macbeth. Since they were witches, people began using ‘weird’ for uncanny or supernatural.
    The word ‘weird’, like all other words, has an arbitrary tie with its meaning. It does not ‘mean’ anything.
    Your attempt to find out what it means and to apply it to yourself to feel superior or inferior is essentially tragic.

  • agli post kabb arahi hai :p

  • ‘For instance, I use words like iconoclastic, angst, catapult, bludgeon, puerile, myriad, grotesque, conjure, cringe, deplore, abhor, lament, loathe and awry, which I am told that most normal people do not use’

    interestingly enough, I use these words too, on a daily basis. I wonder if makes me abnormal too, by that definition.

    But I must say – slipping in ‘iconoclastic’ into a conversation is a hard thing to do, and moreover, harder yet expecting other people to understand it from the top of their heads.

  • Read the old and new posts from your blog. You’ve not changed at all.

    Keep writing! Women like you are needed in Pakistan. 🙂

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